If you plan your arrival to the Zielona Góra for tourism or recreation, we can only boast a good choice, and propose several options to spend your free time.
However, if you find yourself in our town with typical business reasons, we strongly encourage you to find you a moment to enjoy what our city can offer you,
The following suggestions are only a subjective list, and apologize in advance if it did not include all the attractions or recommended attraction did not meet your expectations. With a litle help, we can improve our list, we look forward to any suggestions by e-mail  

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Night life






Cafe Rossa


Café beyond excellent coffee recommends delicious cakes and desserts. Just go 150 meters along the promenade

Address: Stefana Żeromskiego 15.

Trattoria Pizza Pi


The restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. It is located just 100 meters from the apartments. 

Address: plac Pocztowy 2 

Minibrowar Haust


Beer brewed just 50 meters from the apartments has won many national awards and honors. Just cross the street to try it.

Address: plac Pocztowy 9​

Winiarnia Bachus


For several years in Zielona Gora effectively revives the tradition of wine. To taste wines from local vineyards just go 100 meters to the cellars under the Town Hall.

Address: Stary Rynek 1



One of the few places in the country where you can enjoy a meal or a dessert surrounded by tropical plants. In addition, the Palm House offers a magnificent panorama of the city. Just 800 meter walk.

Address: Wrocławska 12A

Ceska Hospoda "U Svejka"


Dumplings, fried cheese, and to choose a few dozen types of beer, from regional Czech breweries, at the end of a glass Popit Becherovky. You do not need to travel to Czech Republic just go 600 meters along the promenade.

Address: Bohaterów Westerplatte 8


Piwirnia Warecka


Not only Czechs have a good beer. The Warka beer is always fresh
and tasty, and additionally you can taste there one of the best pizza
in the city. Just 450 meters away.

Address: aleja Niepodległości 10




This large music club have 3 dance halls offering music for every age group. Excellent sound, performances by well-known DJs, and a large selection of drinks. After all night you have just 600 meters to go back to the apartments, and if the return will take more than an hour, it means that you had a good time.

Address: Kupiecka 63​

Teatr Lubuski


Only 200 from the apartments is Lubuski Theatre. It is worth checking the repertoire, with a little luck you might be able to buy tickets just before the show.

Address: aleja Niepodległości 4

Fliharmonia Zielonogórska


The biggest annual artistic event are March International Musical Encounters "East - West", which take place in many cities on the Polish and the German side of the border. Just 600 meters from the apartments.

Address: Plac Powstańców Wielkopolskich 10

Muzeum Ziemi Lubuskiej​


Permanent exhibitions such as the history of wine, torture, and the history of the Zielona Góra and the surrounding area, in addition to occasional exhibitions and art exhibitions. Museum is located 400 meters away.

Address: aleja Niepodległości 15

Centrum Nauki Keplera Planetarium Wenus


The opportunity to explore planets around us, to deepen knowledge in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, and this breathtaking video display technology FULL DOME. Just 300m from the apartments.

Address: Generała Władysława Sikorskiego 10

Centrum Przyrodnicze


Education through play, the ability to conduct independent experiments, interactive exhibits, and for that Featuring an enormous service expertise Life Sciences Center. For all this it is worth to walk 1500 meters.

Address: Generała Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 14

Wieża Łazienna​


Also called hunger tower is one of the oldest monuments of the city, built in the fifteenth century. Formerly the inside was a prison. Its name comes from the fact that in its vicinity were in town baths. Currently in its proximity our apartments are located.

Address: plac Pocztowy 12A


Konkatedra św. Jadwigi


The oldest monument in Zielona Góra was founded in the second half of XIII century by Prince Konrad I of Głogów dedicated Holy Jadwiga. The distance of 200 meters.

Address: Mickiewicza 14

Kościół Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej


Built in the years 1746-1748 on a cruciform plan. The former Protestant church Garden of Christ. Built in the style of half-timbered. Before every Holy Mass is revealed the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, just like in the shrine of Jasna Góra.
distance of 250 meters.

Address: Mariacka 1



Town hall, one of the oldest preserved monuments in Zielona Góra. Many times rebuilt. Currently it is the seat of the City Council of the City Zielona Gora.
A distance of 100 meters.

Address: Stary Rynek 1

Wieża Braniborska​


Today, the building of an astronomical observatory of the University of Zielona Gora. Built in the years 1859/1860 was initially a restaurant-wine bar with an observation tower.
Distance 2500 meters.

Address: Lubuska 2



Basketball fans and spectators can watch the game of Zielona Góra team Stelmet BC. Titles of Polish Basketball Chamion guarantee that you will see basketball at the highest level. Matches are held in the hall of CRS, we recommend that you access by car or public transport.

Address: Sulechowska 41



We can not hide it, you see it everywhere, Zielona Gora loves speedway and his team Falubaz. If you keep up the opportunity without hesitation you can buy a ticket and go on W69.

Address: Wrocławska 69​

Park wodny


Four slides including one 210-meter, onion, Jacuzzi, hydro massage, sauna, wild river, wave ball, climbing wall, and this eight track swimming pool. All this under one roof in Recreation - Sports just 2 km away.

Address: Sulechowska 41

Aeroklub Ziemi Lubuskiej


One of the most famous flying clubs in the country. Apart from organizing courses of pilots, air traffic controllers and ground handling, also conducts training glider and parachute. It also organizes recreational flights over the city, and skydiving. In 2015, the airport organized prestigious competition "Helicopters World Championship" Just a 10 minute drive from the apartments.

Address: Skokowa 18, Przylep

Tor Kartingowy


Modernized in 2013, it is currently the best karting track in Poland. Besides often organized events rally is possible to rent the card, or the entire track and prove themselves as a driver. The track is located just ten minutes away by car.

Address: Zatorze, Stary Kisielin

Piesze i rowerowe wycieczki


I would recommend a visit to the three large parks located near the center center: Park Millennium, Park Poets and Park Braniborski. You can also relax in the hills guilty around the Palm House.

For longer hiking or cycling recommend Piasowski Park combined with a trip to the hills Piastowski, where the destination should be the Bismarck Tower and located at the vantage point from which the good visibility you can see Snow White.



Ciach, Potem, Jurki, Hrabi, Nowaki, Made In China, it is only part of the so-called Zielona Góra Basin cabaret. There is no week that the cabaret events. Frequently performances take place in Kawon, Piekarni Cichej Kobiety, Hall of UZ. Larger cabaret events can be seen in CRS or in the amphitheater.

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Galeria Focus


The largest shopping mall in the city. Although the apartment is only 10 minutes' walk, however, we recommend to go there by car and it is necessary to have the trunk empty.

Address: Wrocławska 17


Galeria Grafitt


Gallery located in the city center, next to the main street has shops located on 3 floors and a two-level parking.

Address: Bohaterów Westerplatte 24




Every year in September, when the grapes are suitable for harvesting in the city and its surroundings starts the big feast. For more than a week Bacchus takes over the keys of the city gates, and ensures that all residents and visitors with numerous events, concerts, fair trade and presentations of regional products, of which the most important are Lubusz wine. At the end of the festivities there is a huge parade. Vintage also called Days of the Zielona Góra begins in mid-September, and is the only such event in the country.


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SkokoLoco Park trampolin 


Here you can take the field for the game of dodgeball, the arena with obstacles, can make ripples to the trash or jump into the pool with sponges, all on springy trampolines!
More than 1500m2 trampoline to play with and jumps high acrobatics. Park combine with each sport and entertainment. It provides active and fun attraction for families. In addition to the free jumps you can use a wide range of group activities. 

Adres: Dekoracyjna 8

Pizzeria La Gondola



Feel like in Venice. The restaurant beside the great food has a wonderful climate and very friendly service. It is less than 40 meters from the apartments. 

Address: Kościelna 1

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