Thank you for booking our apartments. Below you will find some useful information about arrival and stay in our apartments.


Arriving by car:


The apartments are located right on the pedestrian area, access by car to the place is not the easiest, and runs through the tangle of one-way streets. If you also booked a parking lot, we recommend guided directly to the car park.

Parking is on the Kopernika str. 7 just 50 meters away. To use the car park is required to tell the passwords to the security.

Below you will find a location map.


Apartment Location:


Apartments are located at Krawiecka str. 7/9 in a renovated three-story building with a gray facade. The entrance to the apartments is on the right side of the building, on the opposite side of the Hunger tower. Apartment 5 is located on the 2nd floor, apartments 7, 8, 9 are located on the 3rd floor.


The entrance and check-in:


To get to the stairwell and the apartment you must enter code into a reader located at the door, it with #.

The code allows you to open the door to the stairwell and the door to your apartment.


Magnetic card:

Upon entering the apartment on the wall on the right side you will find a magnetic card. Card works on the same principle as the card at the hotel. While in the apartment hold a cart in the pocket. Removing the card disables electrical appliances, lighting and air conditioning. Card also acts as a key allows you to open the door to the stairwell and the apartment. To open the door, just approached your card to the reader, and when you hear a beep, the door will be unlocked.

If the magnetic card will latch or left on in the room re-entry is possible after entering the PIN code.


During the stay in the apartment please keep a magnetic card in the holder. Removing the card is turning off the power supply, air conditioning and lighting. When you leave, please take the card with you.


Check-in begins at 14:00 and ends at 11:00 the next day.

Depending on occupancy, after prior consultation with the reception or owner, you can extend your stay.


The whole building is non-smoking, which also applies to the balconies too. Failure to comply with the role will be punished by a fine of 450PLN.


Between 22:00 and 06:00 only checked in guests are allowed to stay in the apartments. Also at night time please respect the others as some other guest might sleep.


Apartments are equipped with air conditioning, which only works with the windows closed. It will restart after closing the windows.


We offer a laundry service. The service is free for guests who have purchased a minimum stay of 3 days. For other guests the cost of one washing and drying is 10 PLN. The service is performed by our staff 10:00 -14:00.



Integrated access control system made by RAC SYSTEMS

Krawiecka Apartamenty ul. Krawiecka 7/9  65-055 Zielona Góra  Tel.: (00 48) 507 043 158  e-mail: 



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